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With 20 years of public speaking experience, J.D. Gordon is available to speak at conferences, special events, with individual groups, and can participate in think tank or university-sponsored panels regarding a wide variety of topics including national security, terrorism and detention policy; political-military affairs in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East; the Military and the Media; Border Security and Immigration; and Free Trade Agreements.

Speaking Events:

"Trans-Atlantic Relations: Is the U.S. still a privileged partner?"
European Parliament, EPP Group, EIN Summer University, Porto, Portugal

"Testimony: Standing Commitee on Citizenship and Immigration"
Canadian Parliament, House of Commons/Chambre des Communes

"Narco-traffickers, Hezbollah and the increasing crime-terror nexus in Latin America"
Organization of American States, Ministerial Conference, Antigua, Guatemala

"Guantanamo: One Reality, Endless Perceptions"
Union League Club of New York

"6 facts about Guantanamo"
House Republican Conference

"Myths vs. Reality: Guantanamo case study"
Republican Study Committee

"Media Ethics"
Georgetown University

"Are we any Safer: Panel on National Security after 9/11"
America’s Future Foundation

"Guantanamo and Military Commissions"
St. Regis New York

"Strategic Communications - Think Tanks for a Secure Free Society"
Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala City

"Strategic Communications - Think Tanks for a Secure Free Society"
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

"Military and the Media: Panel discussion"
Medill School at Northwestern University, Washington Bureau